Individual counselling is a preferred option for those who: 

  • Want to make focused changes in their lives but find it difficult to accomplish this independently
  • Experience relationship difficulties and would benefit form an outside perspective
  • Want to explore issues that are prompting seeking counselling
  • Experience depression, anxiety, and other symptoms that interfere with a quality of life



Open-ended Process Oriented Group

The goal for the group is to repair and rebuild trust between youth, parents/ caregivers and others of Security
•    When: Wednesday 6:30 - 8:00 pm
•    Where: Group Room
•    Therapists: Yuko Yoshinami & Dr. Carl Adrian
•    Duration: 90 minutes. Open-ended.

Long-term interpersonal groups benefit persons with difficulties in building and maintaining relationships, resolving conflicts, low self-worth, social isolation and patterns of relating that lead to repeated problems.

The focus in this group is on the "Here & Now" interactions in the group, on developing insight into patterns of relating, communicating feelings and needs more effectively, focusing on personal goals, and reducing anxiety in social situations.

Cost: $110.00/per session

For more information please contact Yuko Yoshinami at (403) 998-6191.


YOGA in Therapy and Trauma Treatment: Mindfulness Through Movement

The body is often a silent partner in the therapeutic process. Knowledge falls short in the real world when it is not lived through our emotions and the body. Recent brain research and its neurology shows how the body is an integral part of therapy, especially in the area of trauma treatment, but I believe we don’t necessarily need research to tell us that. We sense this when we say “I know this is true in the head, but I don’t buy it. I just don’t feel it.”

You might have had an experience of feeling frozen, unable to move, even when your brain knows that it is safe. You may have felt something is missing after talking about your problems session after session. You might be experiencing your body as something quite distant or a disconnected entity. You might be wary or downright frightened of your body and its experience.

This is the class that encourages you to reconnect with your body at your pace through sitting, standing, lying and moving. It invites you to “Be”, “Sense” your body and “Choose” autonomously what you and your body want to do next as one.

For more information please contact Yuko Yoshinami at (403) 998-6191 or


Bluestone Therapy provides group training and supervision using the unique method of Participant Observer developed by Dr. LaRocque. The learning is as unique as each group trainee. The goal of the teaching is to provide an understanding of group theories, the stages of groups, the importance of professional uses of self as a group facilitator, and the ability to work purposely with group dynamics.

For more information please contact Dr. Sarah LaRocque at 403-875-3932 in Cochrane or 306-380-2164 in Saskatoon or