All enquiries are welcome. If we do not offer a therapy service that you are requesting, we can recommend alternative counselling services in Cochrane, Calgary, and the surrounding area.

Referrals and Enquiries

Cochrane Office



By phone: (403) 875-3932

FAX: (587) 838-9306

305 Ross Avenue, Cochrane, AB T4C 1C9

  • Contact Dr. Sarah LaRocque directly for enquiries about the DBT and Trauma Programs.
    • Tel:(306) 380-2164
    • Email:

Saskatoon Office



By phone: (306) 380-2164

Individual Sessions and the DBT Program are offered On-line

  • Contact Dr. Sarah LaRocque directly for enquiries about the DBT and Trauma Programs.
    • Tel: Saskatoon (306) 380-2164
    • Email:




1. Do I need a referral from a doctor or psychiatrist to access your services?

No, you can email or contact the office directly to schedule an appointment or for more information about the therapy services.

2. Does insurance cover your fees?

Yes, many extended health care plans, such as Blue Cross and Greenshield, provide some level of coverage for fees.

3. How long is an individual session?

A therapy session is one hour. Clients with Borderline Personality Disorder may be asked to attend a 90 minute assessment as part of the pre-treatment phase.

4. Is there a cancellation fee?

Our therapists require 24 hours notice by phone or email to avoid a charge at the scheduled rate.  Notified absences in the long-term psychotherapy group will be credited towards the next month.

5. I have no health insurance: is there a fee reduction?

Bluestone Therapy offers a sliding fee schedule based on personal income. Please see About us for more information.

6. Will I have to complete any evaluation forms?

Depending on your reasons for attending therapy and any formal diagnosis you may be asked to complete a 10-15 minute self-administered pen and paper questionnaire. The information is used as an aid in setting goals in therapy, in guiding treatment, and measuring your progress between sessions.  Clients with Borderline Personality Disorder are asked to participate in a formal assessment and complete weekly self-administered questionnaires and diary cards.

7. How many individual therapy sessions do I need to attend?

The length of your therapy and the number of sessions that you attend depend on your diagnosis, your goals in therapy, and your readiness for change. Clients who attended regularly tend to benefit the most from therapy as it creates a continuity and momentum in the process of change. Nonetheless, it is your decision, in collaboration with your therapist, how often and how long you attend therapy.

For clients attending Stage 1 of Dialectical Behavior Therapy for the Treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder, the standard of practice is weekly one-hour individual sessions, attendance in a DBT Skills Training group ( 90 minutes /week for 24 weeks).

The Long-term psychotherapy group requires a 16 week commitment. Many clients attend for one to two years.